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Google co-founder Larry Page , 34, net worth of $ 18.5 billion , known as " the planet's most valuable diamond bachelor ." According to insider sources, Page 8 December 2007 on the Caribbean island of Martinique to hold a secret wedding , and exchanges more than a year girlfriend Lucinda Southworth into the marriage hall , the official end of single life ! It is reported that there will be more than 600 billionaires invited to attend the wedding , but there are " old elf ," said Richard Branson , president of Virgin Group will serve as his best man

Net worth of $ 18.5 billion of the Caribbean island secretly married

Larry Page is one of the founders of the world's top search engine Google , and he net asset value of $ 18.5 billion and Sergey Brin tied five richest nation , and his love affair has been a lot of media the object of attention. According to reports , following the May 2007 , another founder of Google, Sergey Brin married , Page also on December 8 secret wedding, married love more than a year only 27 -year-old girlfriend, Stanford University talented Lucinda Southworth , the official end of single life !

The wedding was held in the Caribbean island of Martinique , where there is the " old elf ," said the British Virgin Group president Richard Branson name a private island , an area of ​​74 acres . It is reported that , when in the 1970s Branson bought the island , will it built a secret haven for millionaires resort , just one night's rent as high as 46,000 pounds . According to reports , despite Pec and private close to Branson , but the deep pockets of his trip after the names of the original pay the full rental Martinique 's " venue fee ."

Many billionaires invited to attend the " old elf " Branson when the best man

It is reported that , on the 8th day , about more than 600 billionaires and celebrities invited to Martinique to attend the wedding , and their combined wealth will exceed at least 100 billion pounds ! Alumni Although the guest list is still "top secret ", but it was revealed that they will include a large number of Silicon Valley billionaires and their families , politicians, business celebrities , rock stars , and Paige year computer science at Stanford University when reading ʱ??
Interestingly, as the host of " old elf " Branson personally, as Paige act as best man. The other wedding guests have been identified are: San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom , the British veteran band U2 lead singer Bono and former President Clintons . Former US Vice President Al Gore would have been also invited to the list, but he will want to go to Norway to attend the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony can only be absent. But as a senior adviser to Google 's , Gore has said he will send blessings for the new tape in the wedding scene .

According to the disclosure of insider , the wedding has secretly prepared a six months.

As early as a few months before the wedding , all the guests have been invited to give notice , asking them to prepare for the wedding , held on December 8 of a valid passport is good , because the wedding will be performed outside the United States . At the same time , due to the limited area of ​​Martinique , only for a small number of guests at the top overnight , so most guests will have the wedding night, stay in Martinique one mile outside of an island called " Baghdad Virgin Island" on .

To this end, Paige 's wedding planners laid down a hotel room all the " Baghdad Virgin Island" , in order to ensure absolute privacy of all guests .

One insider said: "They have rented the entire island of Virgin Hurghada down , almost can be said that the occupation of the island ! " In addition , due to attend the wedding of more than 600 billionaires around the world , wedding planners also ordered global dozens of airports large number of private aircraft , in order to ensure that the wedding guests arrived at the wedding on time .

It is reported that Page's girlfriend, Lucinda Southworth , aged 27 , she graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2001 , after the Oxford University received a master's degree in science , it is now at Stanford University biomedical informatics professional PhD . She and Paige can be said to alumni, because before founding Google, Page was also at Stanford University. According to reports , two people just started dating from more than a year ago , but the feeling was rapid warming quickly to the point where gonna get married , and last month broke their upcoming marriage rumors.

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